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All-N-One House of Beauty

An Extraordinary Salon
Since 1992

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Founded in 1992, All-N-1 House of Beauty is a full-service salon with everything a woman needs to feel bold and beautiful. We offer services for hair, makeup, nails and fashion. Hence the name "House of Beauty", we take a family-like approach with our clients; not only enhancing their image and self-confidence, but promoting healthy living through education.

We have had the honor of being featured in Black Hair Sophisticates, Essence, Hype Hair, Upscale Magazine, Hotlanta, Salon Profiles, Modern Hair and many others. We have also established a rewarding partnership with Silk 2 Hair products; faithfully, using their products for more than 10 years. In the last few years we have worked with Silk 2 at various trade shows including the acclaimed, Bronner Brothers Hair Show annually held in Atlanta, Georgia, As well as traveling to Ghana, Africa to spread knowledge about hair care. We are very thankful for our accomplishments and the dedication our clients have shown us. To you we offer our friendship, our love and undying appreciation for your patronage. Thank you.

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  • Hair

    The key to having healthy, voluminous  hair is having a healthy body. We constantly educate our clients on the best practices to use by also demonstrating outstanding style without damaging their hair. In fact, we aim to heal previously damaged hair and achieve many styles without using thermal heat. While continuously redefining the standards of appearance, we are constantly promoting the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

  • Makeup

    Makeup is not intended to mask your face, but to bring out key attributes you naturally possess. While enhancing your greatest features, we educate you on the best practices of having and maintaining healthy skin; resulting in a gorgeous presence that is hard to ignore. We also provide an all natural face detox that has immediate results. Most of of our print work has been produced by international celebrity makeup artist, Venice Roye.

  • Nails

    Having great looking nails is a requirement; they can be the body’s natural accessory.  From traditional looks to styles that are outlandishly chic, we raise the bar with every opportunity. Like hair and skin, the key to beautiful nails also stems from good health. Keeping you informed about some of the best ways to take care of yourself is our highest priority.

  • Fashion

    With an eye for beauty and a passion for fashion, All-N-1 can make you over from head to toe.Some of our services include: wardrobe consultancy and remodeling, personal shopping, fashion styling and consignment shopping. We are able to bring the life out of your attire; complimenting your appearance with every thread. By learning more about your personality, passions and interests, we can accurately define and/or recommend the most appropriate fabrics, colors, fit and patterns. we have many pieces that can compliment any look.

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4235 East Side Dr, Decatur, GA 30034